February 2009

The Index Powered® CD is now available from community banks in all 50 states.

February 2009 marks the 7th anniversary of 84 consecutive months of issue for IPCDs. There has been over $300 million in deposits issued by over 100 banks in the US since its inception.

Dollar cost averaging is a well-known term in investing. It is the concept of buying an investment like an IPCD at different times of the year on a consistent basis to average your purchase price. "IRA's are a great use of this concept since investments can be made periodically" says Patrick McGee, President of IPCD, Inc.

Returns on the CDs maturing in 2008 reached a high of 54% for over a 9% apy. Customer interest in these deposits is very strong.

Many have read of the scandals that have hit the mutual fund industry. An IPCD can be a perfect alternative to a mutual fund investment. The IPCD has no commissions or fees of any kind. The return is based on an unbiased formula of the closing values of the S & P 500® Index. There can be no "after hours trading" or manipulation of this formula

We don't know what the stock market returns will bring in the future, but we can count on a fair return in a rising market and a guarantee of return of principal if the market falls. Look to your local financial institution for that "peace of mind" in an IPCD.


CD for Small Banks Tracks the S&P 500 - American Banker, February 2001 (830 KB)

A Sure Thing - Independent Banker, February 2001 (1159 KB)

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